A4 Stainless Steel Dome Nuts (Packs of 10)

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Size Pack Size Price Qty
M3 10 Inc. VAT £1.59 £1.33
M4 10 Inc. VAT £1.59 £1.33
M5 10 Inc. VAT £1.59 £1.33
M6 10 Inc. VAT £1.97 £1.64
M8 10 Inc. VAT £2.46 £2.05
M10 10 Inc. VAT £3.57 £2.98
M12 10 Inc. VAT £6.51 £5.43
M16 10 Inc. VAT £18.15 £15.13
M20 10 Inc. VAT £45.58 £37.98
M24 Inc. VAT £73.14 £60.95


Pre Packed A4 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Dome Nuts. DIN 1587

We offer these nuts in packs of 10 and in sizes from M3 all the way up to M20.

Prices from £1.59 and our prices include VAT!


Typical applications for 316 include boat fittings and structural members; architectural components particularly in marine, polluted or industrial environments; food and beverage processing equipment; hot water systems; and plant for chemical, petrochemical, mineral processing, photographic and other industries.

Although 316 is often described as the 'marine grade', it is also seen as the first step up from the basic 304, A2 grade.




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