A2 Stainless Steel Half Nut / Lock Nut DIN 439

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M6 100 Inc. VAT £7.14 £5.95
M8 100 Inc. VAT £8.69 £7.24
M10 100 Inc. VAT £10.05 £8.38
M12 100 Inc. VAT £12.16 £10.13
M16 100 Inc. VAT £19.64 £16.37
M20 50 Inc. VAT £21.88 £18.23
M24 50 Inc. VAT £44.37 £36.98
M27 25 Inc. VAT £26.90 £22.42
M30 25 Inc. VAT £40.24 £33.53


Two new sizes of Half Nut added! M27 & M30 Now in stock.

A2 Grade stainless steel Half Nut. also known as a Lock Nut. DIN 439

At prices from just £7.14 inc VAT these stainless steel nuts represent great value for money.

Applications for Stainless Steel Half or Lock Nuts:

Widely used in the manufacturing sector, our largest users of these stainless nuts are in the food business, where the use of stainless steel is ideal.

Alternative grades to 304 should be considered in certain environments and applications, including marine conditions, environments with temperatures above 50-60oC and with chlorides present, and applications requiring heavy section welding, substantial machining, high strength or hardness, or strip with very high cold-rolled strength.